Essential oil aside, plants or any of their specific parts (flowers, barks, leaves, etc.,) are also used to produce absolute oil. As similar to essential oils, absolute oils too are extremely concentrated and aromatic oily mixtures; however, there are differences between the two oils as well. For one, absolutes are far more concentrate oil when compared to essential oils. The method of extraction also differs. Whereas, essential oils are extracted using steam distillation process, organic natural absolute oil requires a more complicated process. Hence, solvent extraction method is applied.
In solvent extraction method, the relevant plant portion is soaked in organic solvent like hexane followed by a double distillation process at low temperature. What is produced is a waxy mass called concrete which is then diluted and filtered to finally give absolutes.
Absolute oil is mainly used in perfumery and aromatherapy industry. The low temperature process applied while extraction of absolute oil ensures that the fragrant compounds of the plant are not damaged. As a result of this, they smell better and fresher.
Essential oil - essential floral oils and herbal essential oils - are used in small quantities and absolute, being even more concentrate oil than its counterpart, is used more sparingly. They are diluted in carrier oils before use.
A note of precaution is always helpful while using these absolute floral oil and herbal oil. These oils should be used with care and knowledge since they can cause allergic reactions and affect immune system. Also they should never be taken internally.
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Organic Natural Absolutes