About Essential Oil Diffusers/ Essential Oil Burners

The benefits offered by essential oils can be availed through various means. One such method is through essential oil burners and essential oil diffusers. These diffusers and burners help spread essential oil in air thereby enabling users to enjoy the various aromas and their associated benefits.

Different Types of Essential Oil Diffusers/ Essential Oil Burners

Electric Heat Diffuser: In this type of diffuser, the filtered plate with essential oil is gradually heated to release the aroma into the air.

Fan Diffuser: Fan diffusers make use of fans that spread the aroma of aromatherapy essential oil placed on a disposable pad or tray.

Candle Diffuser/Oil Burners: Water with few drops of essential oil is placed in a bowl and heated with the help of candle/tea light below. This ensures that essential oil releases aroma in the surrounding atmosphere. Candle diffusers are mostly of metal or ceramic material.

Nebulizer: In this a jet of air is used to spread the aromatherapy essential oils, in form of fine spray or mist, in air. With this aromatherapy diffuser, the therapeutic properties of the aromatherapy essential oils are best used since no heat is used.

Lamp rings: In the form of ring (brass, terracotta, soapstone), these contain few drops of essential oil in the grooves. These lamp rings are then placed on the light bulb, the heat of which eventually forces essential oil to release its aroma.

Ultrasonic diffusers: This device uses electronic frequencies to release tiny particles of aromatherapy essential oils (added to water) in form of mist in the air.

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