Hydrosol means water solution. Also recognized as hydrolats, floral waters & plant waters. A hydrosol is the through good of steam - or - hydro distillation of plant fabric used for necessary oils.

The best option for treating skin :
* Conditioners can be diluted by 30% or more.
* A strong dilution of 50 - 70 % and cool spring water.
* A valuable addition to your home spa regimen.
* Usually compresses of the straight hydrosol.
* Shampoos can be diluted by 50% with hydrosol.

Steam and Hydro Distillation
Steam distillation, the mainly general process of essential oil manufacture; engage the stream of steam into a chamber keeping the uncooked plant material. The steam causes little sacs having essential oil to burst. The oil is then accepted by the steam out of the chamber and into a chilled condenser, where the steam repeat becomes water. (Hydro-distillation is an equal course where the plant fabric is boiled, with the resultant steam being hold and condensed. The oil and water are then parted the water, guided to as a hydrosol, can be occlude as it will have few of the plant summary. Rose hydrosol, for instance, is usually applied for its soft antiseptic and analgesic qualities, as well as its attractive floral aroma.

Natural Organic Hydro