Spices form an integral part of Indian kitchen. They add flavor and taste to Indian food which makes the latter one of the most outstanding cuisines in the world. India, for ages, has been known for its spices and today it is also a major producer and exporter of spice oils to the rest of the world. Here, find information on Oleoresin Extract and Spice Extract.

Spice oil

Spice oil essentially is the volatile component that lends spices their distinct aroma. Spice oil is processed through steam distillation technique and their usage extends from food to cosmetic, perfumes and personal hygiene products industry. Further, spice essential oil is also made use of in pharmaceutical industry. Usage of Spice oil assures some major advantages – standardization, consistency and hygiene. Depending upon the customer’s requirement and its ultimate use, the standard of quality in spice oil may vary. The most popular of all the spice essential oils include names like ginger oil, mint oil, clove oil, mace oil, nutmeg oil, cardamom oil, cinnamon oil and pepper oil.


Whereas spice essential oil represents the volatile components of the spices, oleoresins include both volatile and non volatile components of the spices. Oleoresins possess the true flavor and aroma of the spices and are obtained through solvent extraction. India happens to be the biggest supplier and exporter of spice oleoresins in the world. Because Oleoresins have admirably higher quality of flavor and aroma, they are more popular of the spice extracts. Not only this, their storage capabilities make Oleoresins widely used in processed food like meat, fish, vegetables as well as cheese, baked food and confectionery. We, at Gopal Swarup Mahavir Prasad and Co offer a range of Oleoresins extracts and spice extracts. Contact us to order your choice of spice oil, oleoresins, and spice fragrance oil. We provide best quality of Oleoresin Extract and Spice Extract.

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