Natural Traditional Indian Attars/ Perfume Oil

How often have we heard stories of Indian kings and queens applying perfume attar/perfume oil! The image conjured is awashed with refinement, royalty and luxury. It is as if sans the perfume attar, their persona will loose a part of the charm that sets them apart from other people. The Mughal rulers and their princesses were extremely fond of perfume attars and natural aromatic oil; renowned poets like Mirza Ghalib mentioned them in their poems. However the use of attars or essential perfume oils goes back to a period earlier than the Mughal era. Infact they have been in existence since a long time back. References to perfume attars/ perfume oils are found in various ancient texts and literature as well. Also, attars were not just used by royalties. They were used by ascetics in their bonfire and worship.

Attars - How They Are Made

So what are attars and how are they produced?  Attars are perfume oils extracted from botanical source like flowers, woods, spices and resins. The method of extraction used is steam and hydro distillation. Pure perfume attars are highly concentrated, non irritating and non alcoholic Indian attars, qualities that set them apart from the western essential perfume oils.

Types of Attars/Ittars

Broadly, natural traditional Indian attars/ittars are either floral or herbal. The former natural traditional Indian attars are extracted from single species of flower while the latter is the product of an amalgamation of flowers, herbs and spices. Examples of floral ittars include gulab, kewra, chameli, gulhina and kadam.  Herbal ittar mostly have hina and its different forms. 

Natural traditional Indian attars can also be warm or cool depending upon the how they work on human body.  Warm ittar, as can be guessed, have a warming effect on the body. They increase body temperature and are hence used during winters. On the contrary, cool ittars are sought after in summers as they help cool the body.           

Attars Uses

Attars are perfume oils and hence their primary use is as cosmetic and perfumery product. The aroma of perfume fragrance oil is overwhelming. A variety of perfume fragrance oil/perfume attar provided by suppliers of attars in India means a wider choice range for users from which they can pick the one they like.

Talking about aroma, aromatherapy is yet another field where attars are in demand. In today’s’ high paced life, stress along with host of other diseases has become common.  Aromatherapy massages that have drops of attars in them are extremely useful.

A number of traditional Indian attars also have properties that enhance vitality and build up protective energy. Their utility extends further when they are used as to treat renal diseases, gonorrhea, headache, rheumatism, vertigo and gout. They can also prove to be quiet helpful in cases of mental retardation and sometime paralysis.

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Natural Traditional Indian Attars