Nutmeg Oil

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Nutmeg & Mace

Botanical Name:  Myristica Fragrans

Myristica Fragrans - a large evergreen tree which is basically native to Moluccas, but is now found in other tropical countries as well, bears both nutmeg & mace. When mature, the fruit finally breaks open to reveal a fascinating mace or aril (covering) over a black seeds of nutmeg. Nutmeg essential oil is derived by manufacturers from the seed whereas mace essential oil is derived from aril. Both nutmeg & mace essential oil appear pale yellow and emit a spicy odour. Both nutmeg & mace oil have benefits. Nutmeg oil is useful in problems related to arthritis, constipation, nausea, rheumatism, diarrhea and slow digestion. Mace oil is beneficial in problems like flatulence, colic, pre menstrual pains and cardiac disorders. Both nutmeg & mace oils need to be used with care. For more on nutmeg & mace oil, contact essential oil suppliers and exporters.


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