Garlic Oil

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Garlic Oil

Botanical Name: Allium Sativum

Lahsun, the commonly known name of Garlic in Hindi is grown in large quantities in India. Botanically Allium Sativum, garlic has been used all around the globe for adding flavor to food and also for its medicinal properties. Manufacturers use the bulbs of garlic, also known as clove, and process them to produce the Garlic essential oil. This garlic cloves oil or simply garlic oil, with a pungent aroma, has a number of benefits and uses. Garlic oil is used to flavor soups, canned food and sauces. Garlic essential oil is also put to use in herbal medicine. It possesses anti bacterial, antiseptic and anti hypertensive properties and can aid effectively in cases of flue, cold and bronchitis. Contact essential oil suppliers and exporters of garlic oil/garlic cloves oil for more information on garlic essential oil.


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