Tea Tree Oil

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Tea Tree Oil

Botanical Name: Melaleuca Alternifolia

Native to Australia, tea tree which is botanically called Melaleuca Alternifolia is where the tree tea oil comes from. Manufacturers of pure tea tree oil process the leaves and the twigs of the plant through the very well known steam distillation procedure to obtain the essential tea tree oil. The pale yellow natural tea tree oil oozes a camphorous aroma and mixes nicely with a variety of other essential oils, for example nutmeg, lavender, rosemary, clary sage, rose, geranium and thyme. Renowned for its healing properties, organic tea tree oil proves immensely helpful in fighting infection, strengthening immune system and ward off nervous tensions and fatigue. Pure tea tree oil is put to various other uses in medicine. To know more about essential tree oil, contact essential oil suppliers and exporters.


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